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I used to have a contact form but it got an insane amount of spam emails so I got rid of it.

Useful Info to Include:

Order Questions: 
  • Please include an order number or the name associated with the order.
Commission Request: 
  • Please include pictures/sketches/descriptions of what you want made,
  • The name of the item & what it’s from (example: Ed’s arm from Full Metal Alchemist)
  • A deadline for the project if there is one, 
  • What kind of licensing you would like if you’re looking to have 3D files made (click HERE for more info)

Work Testimonials

anonymous 5 star:
Alison was great to work with! I’m a demon when it comes to accuracy and she went the extra mile on my 3d model project. She made adjustments as necessary and completed my project ahead of schedule. Super happy with the result and I hope she’ll work with me again. AA+A++AA+++++AA+A+

5 star:
Awesome to work with, even though i pester her a billion times on a project she goes the extra mile to make sure its done right.