Please see the section relevant to the items you are purchasing / have purchased

Processing times:

  • In-Stock Items: generally ship 1-3 days after the time of ordering
  • Made-to-Order (MTO): 1-2 week processing time for most items.
  • Digital Files : available for instant download

If you order a mix of in stock and MTO items, they will ship at the same time/when the MTO items are ready. If you need the in stock items sooner, please place 2 separate orders.

When I Ship: I’ll ship them as soon as I get to the post office. I tend to batch deliver things to the post office 1-3x a week depending on the number of orders I have and when they come in.

Return/Refund Policy:

  • If the item arrives damaged or broken, please contact me within 24 hours of receiving the item and I’ll review the sale on a case by case basis.
  • Used items are not eligible for return or exchange.
  • All sales of Grade B/C items are final. No Refunds or exchanges will be offered.
  • Once a package leaves my possession, I am unable to make any guarantees about it’s arrival. If it is damaged or lost in transit, your best bet is to reach out to USPS directly as I have no additional information on the parcel other than the shipping info provided on their website.

  • If for some reason an item needs to be returned, a refund will not be issued until the item arrives back to me in the same condition it was sent out in. If the item is damaged when I get it back, the refund offer will be voided or reduced at my discretion.

Local Pickup:

Available for any of the things I have listed on my shop EXCEPT things that are custom ordered through Shapeways or other 3rd party sellers (this doesn’t include Shapeways prints I have in stock/in my possession;)

These items don’t have shipping (and shouldn’t charge you shipping). If you are ordering digital items only and the website is trying to charge you for shipping, please let me know so I can remove that from the order.


  • All sales of digital files are final and non-refundable.
  • If you find errors with the files that make them unprintable, please let me know and I’ll be glad to fix them.
  • Cutting up files so they fit on your print bed is not an included service; please see the Modeling Tutorial page for some related tutorials.

When I Ship:

  • First Class Mail: Monday

  • Priority 2-Day Mail: Monday-Wednesday

  • Local Pickup (North-Western Philadelphia, PA): Please contact me before/after ordering to schedule a pick up time

DOA Policy:

  • Because I’m currently offering local pickup, there is no DOA policy for plants.
  • Send me pictures of the dead plant within 12 hrs of arrival and I’ll issue a store credit or refund at my discretion
  • Shipping is non-refundable
  • Not ordering a heat pack when shipping plants to a cold area, DOA policy is voided if plants sustain damage from exposure to cold.
  • Plants with damaged leaves are not subject to the DOA policy and will be dealt with on a case-by case basis

How to care for unboxed plants:

  • Introduce plants to sunlight gradually, particularly if they were in a box for several days. Exposure to full sun after a week in a dark box could cause burns/blemishes to the plants. 

When I Ship:

  • Local Pickup only for now (Northern Philadelphia, PA): Please contact me before/after ordering to schedule a pick up time.

DOA Policy:

  • Local pickup allows me to make sure everything is alive on pick-up, so there is no DOA policy.

How to care for critters

  • Cherry Shrimp: Acclimate to temperature while slowly drip acclimating. Personally, I normally float the shrimp in the tank and come in with a turky baster every 15 mins or so until the water volume they’re in is 2-3x what they were in.
  • Mystery Snails : Ideally I float them on a piece of foam in the tank so they can crawl into the water as they go, but I’ve also had a lot of success just picking them up and popping them in the tank (or I accidently spill them off the foam)